Frequently asked questions

We are a proudly independent Estate Agents, nestled in the heart of the Stroud Valleys.  Providing a friendly, tailored and transparent service. Always ready with a warm welcome.

Any questions?

Finding a new home can be a beautiful new chapter in our lives. Yet, often, it is marked as a stressful one. The next step hangs upon a delicate chain of synchronising selling and buying which can be broken unexpectedly by all sorts of unpredictable events. That’s why we are here to listen to you and reassure you that we are invested in your next chapter.

Selling a property

What do I need to do to sell my home?
  • Have all documents relating to the house from guarantees, certificates for any works undertaken. All legal information, title deeds, building regulations, boiler installation, FENSA certificate for double glazing, HEFTAS certificate for log burners.
  • If you have a mortgage on your home, will there be penalties you may need to consider if selling and speaking to your advisor or lender to ascertain.
  • Having identification available such as passport, driving license and a utility bill less than three months old are all required. So that proof of address and a true photo likeness of you for the purposes of Money laundering. This is a legal requirement and will be required by the estate agent and a Solicitor.
  • We would also suggest at this point you obtain costs for Solicitors, removals and surveyors if applicable. This then enables you to have a full overview of all costs involved in the moving process. Your agent can help with undertaking quotations for you.

Equally important is an agent who you feel will have, your best interest always. That has comparable information, to support the value they are suggesting. Guide you through the selling process, communicate with you clearly, and transparently and support you throughout the whole journey. As an agent we always aim to exceed our client’s expectations.

How do I prepare my home for selling?
  • Once you have chosen your agent you will then go through all the required paperwork in readiness for marketing. This is a term of business, a detailed property questionnaire about your home. Then you would discuss timescales that work for you and your family.
  • Your agent will guide you with all that is required to prepare the house, before marketing can get underway and how best to present in readiness for photography and virtual tour.
  • At this point getting a Solicitor or Conveyancer instructed is important. This allows for all the necessary paperwork to be prepared for when a buyer is found.

Your agent will undertake the preparation of all marketing underway. Instruct the companies to undertake your photography, virtual tour, floorplan and EPC.

Buying a property

Can I take photos at a property?

We would always suggest you ask at the point of booking a viewing as this decision is made by the vendor. The estate agent would need to obtain permission for you.

What do I need to buy a house?
  • Firstly, speak to a reputable firm of financial advisors. Ask what they charge for these services if they oversee your mortgage. They will guide you as to how much deposit you require, what amount of mortgage you could obtain and how much you should be looking to spend, also the costs stamp duty if applicable.
  • Obtaining costs of the conveyance/Solicitor for legal fees and Surveyors costs if applicable.
  • A reputable estate agent will have a working relationship with financial advisors, Solicitors and Surveyors and they can point you in the right direction.
  • You are now in a better position of what price range you can look at and can inform the agents when speaking with them, you have had advice and have your mortgage ready to go in principle.
  • Gain an understanding of the process from viewing to making an offer and how best to do this. A reputable estate agent will guide you through this process.
If we view and want to make an offer what is the process?
  • Always deal directly with the estate agent and not the owner. Be very clear that you wish to make a formal offer, they will require clarity of how you plan to purchase. Is it subject to a house sale, job move, any specific timelines?
  • How are you financing the purchase proof of your deposit and paying for the stamp duty if applicable with contact details for a financial advisor or they will recommend one to you.
  • Due to money laundering regulations they will require proof of Identification (ID) for you. The best forms are driving licences, passports as they show photo and address. Also, a utility bill that ties you to the address you are selling that needs to be less than 3 months old. If you undertake all online, then maybe a bank statement.
  • If you have sold subject to contract (SSTC) who your agent is and contact details
  • They will also want to clarify is your offer to include anything specific such as fixtures and fittings, subject to survey being undertaken etc.
How much stamp duty will I need to pay?

Please use our Stamp Duty Calculator to find out how much you'll need to pay when purchasing a property.