Look Local

We love to show you what Stroud’s independent spirit has to offer - encouraging new residents to look local and buy local

Capturing your Story

Finding a new home can be an exciting new chapter in our lives. Yet, often, it is marked as a stressful one. The next step hangs upon a delicate chain of synchronising selling and buying which can be broken unexpectedly by all sorts of unpredictable events. That’s why we are here to listen to you and reassure you that we are invested in your next chapter.

At AJ Estate Agents of Gloucestershire, we are committed to being present with you in the process. For us, the celebration continues even after you have found your dream home. We love connecting clients to wonderful local communities that can lend you inspiration. We are excited for you to experience the artistic charm of Stroud, packed with artisan talent. A truly magical place.

We look forward to developing AJ’s coverage of Look Local, uncovering little gems  dotted around The Stroud Valleys.